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Chinaroad is a full service brand-building partner for premium Australian and New Zealand business looking to establish and grow their brands for long term success in the Chinese market.  Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end marketing solutions for our clients, including developing China go-to-market strategies, navigating the complex regulatory landscape and providing unique in market brand building capability for our clients. We are passionate about building brands in China.

We are proud to be official partners of leading Australian and New Zealand premium brands:  Greencross, Vittoria Coffee, Athletic Greens, Lewis Road Creamery, Dairy Farmers, McPhersons, Parmalat, Moana and Australia Post.

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Most Australian and New Zealand packaged goods companies have failed in China, falling into the allure of the ‘money mirage’: lacking the patience to grow scale and equity, entering China with extensive up-front distribution agreements or opening an online store with one of the large local online platforms. In our experience, these are expensive to build and even more so to maintain against limited revenue from an unknown brand in China that sits on a platform with every other leading global brand. Even more heroically, companies often invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing a China team, opening a local office, developing new export processes and building additional production capacity assuming the scale and upward mobility of the Chinese consumer will mean inevitable success.

We recommend a measured approach for your China strategy, selling product as you build scale to ensure long-term success. Chinaroad can significantly de-risk your China strategy by implementing a low cost and agile ‘test and learn’ approach - leveraging our sales, marketing and logistics network across Australia and China. This will enable you to develop a clear understanding of the opportunity, build your brand’s resonance with the Chinese consumer, and allow you to adapt your product offering before you invest further.

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Strategy, Execution, BRAND BUILDING 

Working with us your business will have:

Access to significant China resource.  Chinaroad has established a Joint-Venture with Always, one of the largest full service marketing agencies in China, which gives our clients access to significant resource and expertise throughout all of China’s 31 provinces.

No China infrastructure or employment burden.  Leverage Chinaroad’s sales, marketing, customer service and design team in China as well as our strategy and management team in Australia.

Full in-market support as you scale. As we take you through our structured process, we’ll manage your business across multiple channels for long-term success.


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Duncan Makeig  Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Duncan Makeig
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tim Harrington  Co-Founder & Director

Tim Harrington
Co-Founder & Director

Chloe You  Associate Director

Chloe You
Associate Director

Emerson Chen  Associate

Emerson Chen

George Shi  VP (JWT & Always)

George Shi
VP (JWT & Always)

Joe Zhu  Strategic Head

Joe Zhu
Strategic Head

Tom Shum  ECD

Tom Shum

Clay Xian  Digital Head

Clay Xian
Digital Head


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